The Bahamas is So Much More

July 10th is Bahamian Independence Day. What better time to highlight why The Bahamas is so much more special to Bahamian citizens, residents, tourists, myself, and my family.

The Bahamas consists of 700 islands and over 2000 cays, spanning more than 100,000 square miles of ocean. As the nation began reopening borders earlier this month, it is a great time to learn more about it.

What makes The Bahamas so much more special is the Bahamian people. So, I decided to ask several Bahamians two simple questions about their island nation. 

What is Your Favorite Thing About The Bahamas?

Some respondents expressed a love of the laid-back lifestyle and island way of life. It is a place where one can be outside year-round and enjoy beaches, boating, kayaking, and paddle boarding. The small community feel where everyone knows each other makes it an extraordinary place.

Several expressed a genuine love for the people. Bahamians are friendly, welcoming, and polite. You are always greeted with “Good Morning” as you walk down the street or enter a business.  

Finally, others will tell you the best part of The Bahamas is the ocean and beaches. The color of the sea is something one must see to believe. The feeling of the soft white sand between your toes is indescribable.

What is Your Favorite Island to Visit in The Bahamas?

From the islands of their family’s heritage to the many islands and cays that make up the country, Bahamians will tell you this place has much to offer residents and tourists alike. There is a new island, cay, or rock to visit for every day of the year. 

While all of the islands of The Bahamas have something unique to offer, a personal favorite of many Bahamians is Eleuthera. This 110-mile long island has plenty to explore. On Harbor Island, one can enjoy pink sand beaches. The middle of the island offers Governor’s Harbor with experiences like the weekly Friday night fish fry filled with local food and music. Head south to the Cape for a tour of the Island School and enjoy marinas and restaurants.  

Others will tell you of the vast beauty of the Exuma chain. This stretch of The Bahamas offers waters so pure and pristine the color is difficult to describe. 

Why I Love The Bahamas

I have only lived in The Bahamas for two years. However, I have lived on four islands, and there are many reasons I love living in these islands so much more. Life here is slow-paced. My little girl can run and play freely and safely on the street and in the neighborhood. She is being raised amongst the Bahamian community and alongside an international one. Children grow up more slowly, with less exposure to negative influences, which is indeed part of the appeal.

I love the color and clarity of the seawater. It reminds me of shades of blue and turquoise one usually sees only in a crayon box. Living here allows my daughter to grow up around nature. She is learning to appreciate the ocean, the environment, and marine conservation. I love that each island, settlement, and place is unique and has something different to offer. Finally, I cannot express in words the strength and warmth of the Bahamian people. 

The Bahamas Today

The colors of the Bahamian flag represent the vigor and force of a united nation and the abundant resources of the sun and sea. After enduring the devastation and destruction from Hurricane Dorian in 2019, The Bahamas is now facing the economic fallout of COVID-19. Tourism and financial services account for 70% of the nation’s economy. Yet, The Bahamas is a country rich with history, culture, and natural resources. It continues to prove it is so much more resilient and strong. 

I hope the qualities symbolized by the flag will enable this small, but mighty island nation to weather the storm it currently faces. Happy 47th Independence Day to all Bahamians. Thank you for allowing my family to explore and share so much more of what your great nation has to offer the world. 

If interested in planning an upcoming trip, please see the link to official site of The Bahamas with current COVID-19 travel guidelines.

Published by Sarah Ortiz Benson

Freelance Writer

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