Challenge Accepted and So Much More

The pictures are everywhere you look. Beautiful black and white photos of individual women on social media, all with similar hashtags. Different theories exist as to where, how, and when this new trend began, but it is here, and it is powerful. The overall goal of the movement is to spread words of positivity and empowerment amongst females. This prompted me to think so much more. Why is it that some women are readily willing to bolster, support, and assist fellow females? In contrast, others continue to shame, judge, break, and look down upon one another.

Why is it a Challenge?

Like many of you, I was nominated to accept this challenge. At first, I thought ladies were posting old black and white selfies out of pandemic boredom or social media pressure. I had no idea what the challenge was about until I did some research. Now I realize this movement is so much more impactful than my initial impression. How often do any of us honestly think about how we can help other women? This, my friends, is a genuine challenge.

Why Do Mean Girls Exist?

Women still have glass ceilings to conquer, barriers to overcome, and self-esteem to build. As the mother of a daughter, a military spouse, and an elementary school parent, I am keenly aware of mean girls’ existence. Why do we not challenge the mean girl phenomenon? This social media challenge provides an opportunity to do just that. 

We all hope to raise kind, loving, strong, independent, fearless, confident, well-rounded daughters who make a positive contribution to society. Looking inward at ourselves in these stark self-portraits is an excellent place to start with messages of positivity and empowerment for all women.  

How Can We Help Women?

Let’s take our past experiences, both positive and negative, and use them for the greater good. Do for another woman what you wish someone had done for you. I challenge all of us to think of ways we can work together to support each other.

Perhaps we could use current events to do so much more to improve ourselves and the lives of women all over the world. Think of opportunities to empower yourself and our youth. Utilize your talents to volunteer for women’s causes, host a women’s event, donate to a local organization that supports women, or encourage women entrepreneurs. Even something as simple as a like or follow on social media could provide encouragement. All of these things can be done in the virtual, remote world in which we currently live.

The qualities we possess as strong, independent, empowered, and successful women ultimately make us our own most valuable asset. I challenge you to empower more strong women. Accepting this challenge enables us to accomplish so much more.

Published by Sarah Ortiz Benson

Freelance Writer

4 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted and So Much More

  1. What a great picture! I love that you are doing something active, something others might consider stereotypically masculine, something that demonstrates your strength and sense of adventure. I was challenged and passed; I have a different perspective on what I’m seeing in this challenge, and my percolating thoughts just might end up in a blog post soon. If so, I’ll share your post in a link.


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