A Child Who is So Much More

My daughter is far from perfect. She can be loud, attention-seeking, and somewhat demanding. Now that I think about that, most children share these attributes. However, if you were to do a quick online search, some might say my daughter faces many disadvantages. According to the studies, she will be seen by others and likelyContinue reading “A Child Who is So Much More”

Acting with So Much More Grace

Do you ever feel like some people in life are attempting to save face instead of acting with grace? Webster defines grace as a noun meaning “courteous, goodwill.” Growing up in the south, I can assure you that grace is just as essential to learn from a young age as reading, writing, and arithmetic. ThisContinue reading “Acting with So Much More Grace”

Well-Meaning Cause of So Much More Stress

As mothers, we worry a lot. Are we doing what is best for our children? What is best for our families and ourselves? As though we didn’t have enough anxiety and worry, along comes 2020, a global pandemic, mixed with social distancing, extreme sanitization, and virtual versus live school debates. Just when you think youContinue reading “Well-Meaning Cause of So Much More Stress”

Innocence is So Much More

I sat at my computer today trying to craft a social media plan, finalize an upcoming presentation, tackle a new blog post, and work on a draft for an upcoming print publication deadline. During this time, I was interrupted no less than four times by my daughter and her friend. Typically, I would have foundContinue reading “Innocence is So Much More”