My Voice is So Much More

Two months ago, the world came to a halt. Suddenly, we all had time on our hands to stop, think, wait, and then think some more. I tend to be an anxious person and overthink a lot of things. One day, early on in the quarantine, I was on my morning run. A special friend who loves running and happens to be my neighbor taught me to run without a watch, a phone, or music. Running this way truly allows me to be alone in my head with my thoughts. That day, on that run, I had the idea for my first article regarding the life of military spouses in the face of the current global pandemic.  

As I look back now, I realize that was the day I found my voice. Where had it gone? What had happened? Life had happened. My life has been a beautiful, amazing, crazy one filled with more blessings than I can count. However, this life has taken its toll. Life temporarily took my voice and hid it in the shuffle of being a mom, a military spouse, and so much more

The day I found my voice again, I realized:

  • I am not just a wife.
  • I am not just a mom.
  • I am not just a military spouse.
  • I am not just a nurse.
  • I am not just a sales and marketing professional.
  • I am not just a writer.

I am not just any of these things. Nor are any of you. We each have our own identity, our own self-worth, our own purpose. We may have lost sight of this for a bit due to our spouse’s career and commitment to the military, or ex-pat life, or whatever it may be. Perhaps we pushed the pause button on our own lives. However, I beg you to remember; we did not hit delete. We all have so much more life to live, and we have never had more time to do it.  

Published by Sarah Ortiz Benson

Freelance Writer

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